My journey as a Massage Therapist


 Working corporally since a very young age,

first as a Track and Field Athlete (runner, short distances)

and then as a professional dancer, the word Massage was closely related with my life.  

I had various massage treatments on my body, 

(Osteopathy, Chiropractic Work, Shiatsu,  

 Wellness- holistic massage and Reiki, amongst others) and 

I was learning techniques and what functions the best, by experiencing it on my body

As a dancer I think, I spend the same time dancing as much as 

massaging my self and others 

I started my education with hands on therapy two years ago at the Campus Naturalis

and European Shiatsu Institute (ESI), Berlin

Some of my excelent teachers

Annett May, Claudia Lûlfing, and Katrin Schröder 

I am a practitioner of Zen Shiatsu, and I am also practising

Classic Massage,  Deep-tissue, Ayurveda -Abyanga, Foot Reflexology and

Chakra- Energetic (Reiki) Massage

Recently working at "Die Wohlfühler" in Berlin and 

I also offer Mobile treatments on the Shiatsu Mat, Massage table

or on Massage chair, for businesses and private

Please contact me any time through my Mobile or Email