Possibilities of working together


I am working regularly at "Die Wohlfühler", Berlin

You can book a massage with me at this wonderful praxis. 


I am also offerring Mobile treatments on Shiatsu futton, massage table

or on massage chair, 

please conatct me any time through my Mobile or Email

Looking forward to connect with you 

Shiatsu Treatments OR  Holistic Oil massage

Every Thursday, 15th, 22nd, 29th June  and 6th, 27th July

 from 9:00- 14:00 at EDEN***** 

Breite Strasse 43

13187 Berlin- Pankow

please contact for information and bookings 

 matasakka@hotmail.com  Tel:015112727224


In Chinese medicine, and in Shiatsu  philosophy, Summer is the element of Fire. 

The Fire meridians Heart- Small Intestine, Pericardium- Triple Heater are in focus.

Its the Element of opening the heart, of laughter and heat. 

 Join me in a  shiatsu treatment to welcome the fire energy

and balance the body and mind for this new season starting. 

Or immerse your self in a Holistic Oil massage with essential oils, to relax and regenerate

Every Thursday morning, 

 I will be in a wonderful room in EDEN*****, Pankow, Berlin. 

Please contact me though email or just call. 

Looking forward to see you soon.

 Love and Light




The art of walking - from walking to dancing and dancing while walking

 31.07. bis 02.08.2017


15.00 bis 17.30 Uhr

DOCK 11 Saal3

The art of walking - from walking to dancing and dancing while walking

please contact for information and bookings: matasakka@hotmail.com

 “Dancing is like walking, only a bit more complex”

Walking is the most natural thing we do, almost as natural as breathing.

A well practiced body action, since the beginning of one’s life.

No walking is ever the same as the other.

How someone walks is as unique as his fingerprints.

Walking is an imprint of one’s physical posture and condition,

together with their character trades and emotional state.

There are a lot of Somatic Techniques that use the

Gait (a person’s manner of walking)

as tool for diagnosis of physical or psychological ailments.

In our research, we rediscover walking,

we get connected with our unique imprint

through conscious walk, breaking down the pattern of walking

Thrust- Suspend- Transfer Weight- Arrive.

Through imagery and skeletal functioning understanding,

walking alone and in a group as a tool of communication.

Through meditating while we do moving Qigong (a slow way of walking)

and through experiencing different types of walking,

deeply related to character playing and archetypes.

We will reach the state that walking will become dancing,

and we will simply enjoy this transformative act of play and expression



with Singing Bowls 

10-11 JUNE 2017  



Studio 150.2

Breite Strasse 43

13187 Berlin- Pankow

Two hours meditation through Yoga postures with Mata Sakka

 in collaboration with Leon Korošec 

and 30 different singing bowls.

 Restorative Yoga

will calm and restore the body, soul and mind

please contact matasakka@hotmail.com


I will be teaching a Hatha Yoga class from

Monday 15th May every Monday until end of June 

 18:30- 19:45 intermidiate class--deep sceletal work, understanding and correcting

asanas, cleansing and breathing excersises 


Join me at the wonderful Agape Zoe festival

this weekend 20- 21 May.

I will share an introduction to Shiatsu and I will offer short

shiatsu treatments on massage chair 

                          Hope to see you there  



20- 21 May



*A short journey to the philosophy and praxis of Shiatsu

In this workshop, I will share with you an introduction of the Art of Shiatsu.

The philosophy of the Five Elements and the ever-changing circle,
the Yin and Yang and the Energy Meridians.
Shiatsu is a hands on praxis, originated from Japan with a great influence from Chinese Medicine theory and Acupuncture
Is a gentle treatment in slow pace, using pressure and touch with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees in specific points and paths of the body, together with joint mobilisations and body part stretches
The main focus of the treatment is to work with the body’s energy (Qi), to unblock imbalances of the Qi flow, restore excess or deficiency, and
help the body trigger its healing mechanism.
A treatment of Shiatsu feels like a meditative dance between two bodies
with an empty mind, and an open hear
Its a well known body therapy which is used to balance the body, mind and spirit
for a healthy living and prevention from disease

E: matasakka@hotmail.com W: www.matasakka.com


@AGAPE ZOE – Healing Berlin, Berlin 2017 | Impressum


You can always contact me for teaching, classes or workshops

at your studio, school or one to one.

I attached two PDF with different propotition classes

Looking forward to connect and share time and knowledge with you

Love and light 



Qi gong class proposition
This is a description for a regular class or workshop from different styles of Qigong  


Restorative Yoga proposition
This is a description for a restorative class with singing bowls