My Yoga journey



 My first contact with Yoga was when I started dancing at

the age of nineteen,

it was the time of trying to achieve the most absurd and

physical impossible yoga asanas and sequences. 

Later while in New York, studying the Merce Cunnigham technique, I became more involved with the

Sivananda Tradition, at the Sivanada centre, NY.  

Learning Yoga Philosophy together with the basic asana sequences and chanting mantras 

It was my first realisation that Yoga is a life long practice  and a complete way of living 

While in Berlin, being a member of Sasha Waltz & Guests company, 

I had regular classes with Ananda Leone, amongst other inspiring Yoga teachers 

at Yoga studios around Berlin. 

Two Years ago I started my education and received a Yoga teacher Certification from the Campus

Naturalis with some exceptional teachers  Bea Fritzsching, Martina Kneis and Ralf Sturm

My most recent Yoga Retreat was Sivananda Yoga with Roland Bauer at Kloster Lenin. 


"Through all these years of on and off Yoga Practice, I came to notice how much balance 

-emotional, physical and spiritual- the Yoga practice was offering me. 

I followed teachers and different styles, arriving to a point of creating my own approach 

to this wonderful vast field of Yoga knowledge.

I teach free style Hatha Yoga in combination with my dance experience, Qigong practice and

Shiatsu meridians understanding, 

Restorative Yoga with singing bowls, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra for resting the body and mind”. 

                                                                        Mata Sakka